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Temasek Trust strives to make an impact by serving as a:

  • Responsible steward of philanthropic assets by exercising financial governance and discipline in investments and disbursements of its funds for impact
  • Trusted advocate of sustainability by ecosystem building and championing best practices in sustainable impact
  • Proactive catalyst of positive impact by forging new pathways in collaboration, solutioning, financing, and measurement with like-minded partners

  • Temasek is a global investment company headquartered in Singapore. In 2003, it instituted a policy of setting aside a portion of its annual profit above the cost of risk-adjusted capital for philanthropic purposes. In 2007, Temasek established Temasek Trust and Temasek Foundation. The former would provide the financial governance of Temasek’s community gifts, while the latter would deliver community programmes. This governance model separates financial and programme management.
  • Temasek Trust is a steward of philanthropic assets, advocate of sustainability, and catalyst of positive impact. We provide governance and financial oversight of non-profit endowments and other community gifts from Temasek and other donors. These gifts are typically disbursed on an endowment basis to bring in or build up ecosystem capabilities with the shared purpose of building better for every generation through protecting the planet, uplifting communities, connecting people, and advancing capabilities.
  • Temasek Trust Asset Management is a Singapore-based global asset management company investing in positive outcomes for economies, societies, and the environment. The firm was established in 2019 by Temasek Trust, a steward of philanthropic endowments and gifts.
  • Temasek Foundation is the main programming engine of the Temasek Trust ecosystem that designs and curates programmes to deliver positive impact. Since 2007, it has committed close to a billion in funding for community and environmental causes, supported more than 1400 programmes in Singapore and Asia, and benefited more than two million people through its programmes.

Since 2003, Temasek has been setting aside a portion of its excess returns above its cost of capital for community gifts. These are approved by the Temasek Board before being gifted to Temasek Trust. These funds are then governed by Temasek Trust and disbursed to Temasek Foundation and other entities in the Temasek Trust ecosystem to support programmes on a sustainable basis.

Temasek Trust and Temasek Foundation are separate, independent non-profit entities, with their own boards and management teams. Each entity has a clearly defined role, with Temasek Trust focusing on the financial management of philanthropic assets, ecosystem building in philanthropy and impact, and socio-economic enterprise and development; while Temasek Foundation focuses on programme design and delivery. Temasek does not direct their day-to-day operations.

Temasek Trust disburses its funds typically through endowments in support of the 4 Pillars of Planet, People, Peace, and Progress. This is with the intention of providing support on a sustainable basis. However, there may be occasions when large projects could draw on a substantial portion or even the whole of the relevant gift.

Temasek Trust delivers on its purpose of building better for every generation by advancing its 4Ps of Planet, People, Peace, and Progress.

Temasek Trust monitors impact at the portfolio level. Each of its ecosystem entities also has its own impact frameworks and they collect impact data down to specific programmes.

Temasek Trust has developed an impact measurement framework oriented around the 4Ps, with long-term outcomes and metrics.

A regular review process of funding mandates ensures their relevance and impact.

Temasek Trust is also building capabilities for outcomes-based models like Pay for Success to drive more rigorous measurement and innovative delivery models.

Temasek Trust does not give out grants.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Temasek Trust’s oscar@sg fund supported ground-up initiatives that serve the needs of vulnerable communities in Singapore affected by the crisis. The fund has enabled more than 300 projects to date and touched over one million lives.

Since June 2022, in the same spirit of uniting the community to support one another through difficult times, the Oscar fund is now managed by Temasek Foundation. Find out more here. For queries, please contact Temasek Foundation at [email protected]

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The Temasek Trust ecosystem comprises entities with capabilities in Asset and Investment Management, Philanthropy and Impact, and Socio-Economic Enterprise Development. The ecosystem is united by a shared purpose of building better for every generation through advancing the 4Ps of Planet, People, Peace, and Progress.

Temasek Trust’s areas of impact are articulated by its 4Ps of Planet, People, Peace, and Progress. Each of these pillars contains key focus areas.

The Temasek Trust ecosystem comprises entities with capabilities across Asset and Investment Management, Philanthropy and Impact, and Socio-Economic Enterprise Development. They are important contributors to the 4Ps and in areas where there is a need for sustainable programming.

Moving forward, Temasek Trust will be strengthening its ecosystem capabilities and capacities, and expanding to include more entities which will enable it to better deliver on its purpose of building better for every generation.

Temasek Trust generally acts as a funder to its ecosystem entities. It sets the mandates and derives the desired impact outcomes with partners.

The design of programmes and specific grants is left to its ecosystem entities which are nearer to the ground and better placed to carry out the work.

Other areas that Temasek Trust supports its ecosystem entities include bringing them together to align workplans towards achieving Temasek Trust’s long-term ecosystem strategy, capability-building, and for resource-sharing.

Temasek Trust will continue to build its ecosystem’s capabilities and capacities. It will also work with like-minded partners to build ecosystems for good in philanthropy, impact investing, and social impact.

Temasek and Temasek Trust have different mandates.

Temasek is a commercial investor.

Temasek Trust invests and grows its funds as part of its role as a responsible steward. If not, its funds would be eroded by inflation.

Temasek Trust invests its funds through Temasek Trust Asset Management which consists of Temasek Trust Capital and ABC Impact. Temasek Trust Capital generates sustainable returns to power philanthropic outcomes. ABC Impact is an Asia-focused growth fund dedicated to impact investing.

Temasek Trust supports impact investing because it can effectively create solutions for environmental / social / climate issues in the long term.

Temasek Trust launched the Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (CIIP) in June 2022 to foster impact investing and practices in Asia, to encourage and enable effective deployment of private capital by investors, companies, and philanthropists towards positive impact outcomes for the environment and well-being of communities.

To this end, CIIP builds knowledge assets to enhance capabilities and champion credible and practical industry standards. It convenes stakeholders by enlarging the impact investing ecosystem in Asia and beyond. It also catalyses action by driving private capital allocation towards impact outcomes.

Today’s complex challenges demand bold collective action.

Temasek Trust initiated PAA to catalyse collaborative philanthropy in Asia through dynamic multi-sector partnerships.

PAA is an action-oriented global alliance of members, programme partners and domain experts with a focus on Asia and beyond. By harnessing collective strengths, PAA amplifies positive impact and accelerates action to address the pressing environmental and social challenges of our time.

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