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Who we are

Established by Temasek in 2007, Temasek Trust is a steward of philanthropic endowments and gifts.


Oversees the financial management and sustainable disbursements of philanthropic gifts from Temasek.

We also aim to pioneer and enable new pathways for philanthropy in Asia.


We make an impact on the wider community by serving as a:

Responsible Steward

Temasek Trust is a responsible steward of philanthropic assets

We ensure financial governance and discipline in our investment and asset management to strive for sustainable funding for philanthropic purposes.

Thoughtful Advocate

Temasek Trust is a thoughtful advocate for philanthropy

We enable innovation in philanthropy to meet the evolving needs of the community.

Active Citizen

Temasek Trust is an active citizen for social impact

We engage with the community, businesses and policy-makers for purposeful collaboration and partnerships.


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