3 Nov 2020

Transcript: Closing Remarks by Ms Cheo Hock Kuan at Temasek Trust Conversation 2020

Transcript: Closing Remarks by Ms Cheo Hock Kuan at Temasek Trust Conversation 2020

Temasek Trust CEO, Ms Cheo Hock Kuan  giving her closing remarks at Temasek Trust Conversation on 3 Nov 2020.

Good afternoon to all.

The past two hours of sharing brought to light specific philanthropic actions in combating Covid-19 pandemic. 

Racing against time and not having full knowledge of the virus, the crisis demanded innovative solutions with scale and complexity.

Working alongside the government, businesses, NPOs, charitable organisations, and volunteers, individual volunteers, stepped up and deepened their giving to support and protect the community and the vulnerable from the crisis. 

This morning, we had a good glimpse of such commendable efforts.

Reflecting on Dilhan’s sharing at the fireside chat, I had my take on Temasek in action too. Temasek’s office building is just a stone’s throw away from the Shophouse where i work and I watch Temasek at close range. Now, as a global investment firm, Temasek’s main business is investing. And yet from the onset of the battle to combat the crisis, it got down in the trenches; deployed hundreds of millions of community funds, activated the global business network, worked closely with the portfolio companies and the SMEs to secure the supply of masks, hand-sanitisers, PPEs, and of course, now we know, that a mask is the one single most effective way of stopping the spread of the disease in the communities and all these are for the protection and safety of the Singapore community. The island-wide distribution exercises coordinated by Temasek Foundation, the efforts were massive, and the involvement of tens of thousands of volunteers in the process. To me, such acts epitomise the spirit of giving and demonstrated absolute stewardship towards Singapore and its people.

Covid-19 compelled us to respond with creativity and innovation, and we heard our great storyteller, Chong Meng, in sharing how CCF (Community Care Facilities) set up within 6 weeks for 8000 beds. We also heard from our discussion panel, on various community-led projects, leveraging on local talents to deliver creative solutions for the specific needs of our community during this trying time.

On behalf of Temasek Trust, I want to specially thank our special guest, Minister Desmond Lee for gracing the occasion, our wonderful speakers for their thoughtful sharing and also not forgetting the gracious hosts of the fireside chat and discussion panel for your excellent hosting.  

Now, we have come to the close of the Conversations. But of course, this is not the moment for separation anxiety because there will be a sequel to more heart-warming, behind the scene stories from the many partners that Temasek and Temasek Foundation had worked with very closely in the past 8 months.  Till then, thank you.  To the virtual audience, if you are still with us listening in, you have made our day! Stay well and keep safe.





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