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4th Quarter 2018

Corporate Giving: Striving for Better, Always

Corporate Giving: Striving for Better, Always

How can organisations continuously and collectively advance philanthropy, and how should organisations increase the positive impact of corporate giving on the people and communities they operate for and in? These and more topics were discussed at this year’s Temasek Trust – Stewardship Asia Conversation on Corporate Giving, held on 18 September 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore. The theme of “Striving for better, always” conveys the combined objective as responsible organisations, to always define, seek and exceed our goals in stewardship and sustainability efforts, so that we continue to do well by doing good.

Over 160 participants engaged in discussions to better stewardship and sustainability efforts, and were reminded by Mr. Ong Boon Hwee, Chief Executive Officer of SAC, that philanthropic givers should always abide by the philosophy of giving– The importance of learning alongside beneficiaries, without being patronizing or condescending towards them. This was echoed by Ms. Euleen Goh, Board Director of Temasek Trust, who in her keynote speech emphasized that “Always striving for better is not a skill, but an attitude of humility within us to continuously question how we can do better…”

Key takeaways from the event include the understanding that there is a need for a measured approach to impact evaluation and reporting, that innovative models of giving hold exciting possibilities to explore, and that adopting a people-centric outlook is integral for sustainable giving across time.

The half-day event presented many opportunities for sharing and interaction, including an insightful dialogue session with Mr. Hsieh Fu Hua, Chairman of SAC, and Mr. Vikrom Kromadit, Chairman of the Amata Foundation; and a lively panel consisting of Lord Wei of Shoreditch, Member of the House of Lords, Mr. Ruel Maranan, President of the Ayala Foundation, Dr. Tan Lai Yong, Director of Outreach and Community Engagement at the National University of Singapore, Mr. Benedict Cheong, Chief Executive of Temasek Foundation International, and anchored by Ms. Melissa Kwee, CEO of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre.

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