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1st Quarter 2019

Asia’s Biggest Sustainability Solutions Search: The Liveability Challenge 2019

Asia’s Biggest Sustainability Solutions Search: The Liveability Challenge 2019

While climate change affects the entire world, many studies have shown that it will impact the tropics the most. The resultant effects include an increase in the occurrence of natural disasters, the proliferation of tropical diseases, a loss in agricultural output leading to a loss of income and livelihoods, and even political instability. Humanity must slash emissions by 45 per cent to have a fighting chance to prevent runaway climate change. To have a sustainable future, we need to drastically reduce our energy footprint and move to a circular economy.

The Liveability Challenge 2019, presented by Temasek Foundation Ecosperity and organised by Eco-Business, aims to connect promising innovators with clean energy or circular economy solutions, to investors and industry leaders that can help turn their ideas into reality. Shortlisted finalists with ideas on how they can improve liveability and sustainability in urban cities in the tropics, will get to pitch their projects to a panel of highly sought-after venture capitalists and investors at Ecosperity Week 2019 in June. They also stand a chance to win one out of four prizes that include project development funding of up to $1 million by Temasek Foundation Ecosperity, an exclusive crowdfunding campaign on private equity investment platform FundedHere, a mentorship opportunity with the Circular Economy Club, or a spot in GoMassive’s accelerator programme.

The Liveability Challenge has more than tripled its number of partners from 2018, which includes corporates (e.g. Sindicatum Sustainable Resources, and Danfoss), investors (e.g. Circulate Capital, Golden Gate Ventures, Olympus Capital Asia, WI Harper Group, and GoImpact), and consultancies/platforms (e.g. Circular Economy Club, Nordic Innovation House, Nordic Sustainability, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, FundedHere, GoMassive, SGInnovate, and Vertech Capital).

Underscoring the importance of partnerships in creating and maintaining a sustainable world, Mr. Lim Hock Chuan, Chief Executive of Temasek Foundation Ecosperity, said, “More action is needed as the world seeks to accelerate the transition to a decarbonised and resource-efficient future. Together with our partners, we hope to get more people on board and help game-changing solutions get the funding and support they need to be commercialised, and in time to come, make a big, positive difference to our collective living environment.”

Do you have an innovative clean energy or circular economy solution to the sustainability problems of Singapore and other urban cities in the tropics? Participate in The Liveability Challenge 2019! More details are at the official website. Proposals submitted must have proof of concept or have achieved Technology Readiness Level 6. Submissions close 5 April 2019.

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