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Health and Wellness Endowment

The Health and Wellness Endowment, which is managed by Temasek Foundation Cares, is one of Temasek’s latest endowments. It focuses on preventive health and the general well-being of the community.

This endowment has enabled the 2018 nation-wide launch of Project Silver Screen, a community-based functional screening for seniors aged 60 and above to help them see, hear and eat better.

The elderly are more vulnerable to health conditions that will impact their quality of life, yet many of these conditions are preventable, or treatable, with effective community-based screening.

Project Silver Screen consists of three simple checks that cover eyesight, hearing and oral health, and helps defray the costs of assistive aids in these areas, such as glasses, hearing aids and dentures.

To date, more than 40,000 seniors have benefitted from this initiative, and 200,000 seniors are to be screened over the next five years.

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ABC World Asia

ABC World Asia Pte. Ltd is the investment manager of the ABC Impact fund, which seeks to deliver both financial returns and social and environmental impact. The fund’s investments are guided by Temasek’s vision of an ‘ABC World’, comprising Active Economy, Beautiful Society and Clean Earth.

By investing and collaborating with ABC Impact, we aim to bring global stakeholders a step closer to learning and investing beyond traditional financial returns and yields.

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