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Change begins when we come together from different worlds to build a better one.

As a convenor of philanthropic ideas and best practices, Temasek Trust brings together leaders across communities, connecting them with a wellspring of ideas and innovations through the exchange of knowledge and sharing of information.


Temasek Trust Conversation

Temasek Trust Conversation is an annual event that convenes key players in the giving landscape to promote dialogue and thought leadership among corporate and non-profit sectors.

The Temasek Trust – Stewardship Asia Conversation on Corporate Giving, held on 18 September 2018, brought together 166 local and international participants. Themed “Striving for Better, Always”, the conversation focused on how we can continuously and collectively advance philanthropy to build people and uplift communities.

The conversation featured a lively panel discussion involving panellists from the government, academic, corporate and non-profit sectors, as well as a rich dialogue with Mr Hsieh Fu Hua and Mr Vikrom Kromadit.

Key Insights

Temasek Shophouse

Temasek Shophouse is a social impact hub that seeks to encourage, enhance and elevate initiatives and activities that contribute towards the common good. We aim at fostering collaboration across different sectors, inspiring advancements in sustainability and community, and championing different models of philanthropy. Temasek Shophouse features an event space and an embedded social enterprise café, a rooftop garden, co-working spaces, meeting and function rooms, and offices for the staff from the Temasek Family of Foundations, Stewardship Asia Centre and Temasek Trust. It is a place where business and community, enterprise and philanthropy, hardware and heartware all come together under one roof.

Temasek Shophouse is nestled in the middle of the last remaining street-block of buildings along downtown Orchard that was gazetted for conservation by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in 2007. Boasting a rich heritage, the Temasek Shophouse building was built in 1928 as part of Singapore’s postwar development of the lower end of Orchard Road. It was also one of the first buildings in Singapore to feature spiral staircases. After being put up for tender by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) in May 2017, the building has now been carefully restored. While historical elements and structures have been carefully preserved, innovative features and modern touches have also been included as we now reimagined the new space as the cradle for social impact.

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